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Qualified Roof Inspection in Cypress, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Another fundamental part of your home is the roof. As guessed, it’s there to protect the contents and, more importantly, the occupants of the house. A damaged roof can have trickle-down consequences on the rest of the house. Our roof inspector will make sure every aspect of your roof is inspected, both the internal and external structures, and will be glad to advise you on how to best repair any damages or improve poor conditions.


During a roof inspection, our expert will take a look, amongst others, at the following: 


  • Missing, loose, or broken shingles
  • Weather damage
  • Flashing damage
  • Paper collected under shingles
  • Organic growth on shingles
  • Vegetation in gutters
  • The life expectancy of the roof


Our home inspector will make sure to provide you with time and money-saving tips for optimal roof maintenance.

Keep Your Home Protected With a Sturdy Roof

Our roof inspection company guarantees a detailed inspection of the conditions of your roof. A trained professional knows exactly what to look for, where to search, and how to fix any risky findings. Please consider that while some external damage might be visible, the internal parts of the roof could also be compromised, and an expert can help you determine the extent of the damage. It is not uncommon to find the following as indicators of internal roof damage:


  • Water stains
  • Leaking near roof openings
  • Visible light through the roof
  • Sagging drywall


The services of a reputable professional will help you identify existing damage or issues that are building up so that you can address them now. Remember that roof problems can be prevented with proper maintenance, so whether you need a routine inspection or to check a recently installed roof, Hestand Home Inspections is ready to help you.

The Well-Being of Your Home Starts with a Healthy Roof

Contact our inspectors in Cypress, TX, so that we can arrange a roof inspection as early as possible. Your roof is constantly exposed to harsh elements such as rain, snow, hail, and sun rays, so it’s best to treat it kindly to keep it in top shape. For your convenience, we are available 24 hours a day, from Monday through Saturday. 


If you need immediate assistance, call at (713) 366-2571 or fill out our contact form to discuss your inspection needs with an expert today! We are happy to provide you with a free estimate!

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